First World War Predicted in 1913

Raphael’s Almanac Predicts Crisis in German Empire

Before 1914 even began, its terrible course had already been seen in the stars. Mars, the Roman god of war and a twinkling red spark in the night sky, had laid claim to 1914. Each year, beginning about 1827, a book of astrological forecasts appeared called Raphael’s Almanac, then being published by Robert Thomas Cross, one of a long line of Raphaels, and in 1913 this latest Raphael duly printed his prognosis for the next year. Under the title of ‘The Crowned Heads of Europe’ a surprisingly accurate prediction was made:

Kaiser of Germany Under Adverse Directions

The Kaiser of Germany is under very adverse directions, and danger both to health and person is indicated. The year opens with Mars in square to the radical Sun, and with Uranus transiting the Sun’s place at birth, and Mars passing over the Ascendant, the indications of war and disaster are strongly marked. The Moon is opposed to Uranus in January, a further indication of trouble. A crisis is apparent in the history of the German Empire.

Historical Note

Queen Victoria’s eldest grandchild, Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert, was born on 27 January 1859. On the death of his father in 1888, he became Kaiser Wilhelm II. As Queen Victoria’s grandson, the Kaiser was first cousin to King George V.

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Madame de Thèbes Foresees War

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